Bruno Brazil is a Franco-Belgian comics series written by Greg, under the pseudonym Louis Albert, and drawn by William Vance. It was initially serialised in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Tintin, first appearing on January 17, 1967.[1] The first album publication was in 1969, while the latest album was first published in 1995.


Bruno Brazil is the leader of a small, elite combat unit of the American secret service, the “Cayman Command”, of which each member has some special skills. Together they fight crime and exotic threats. The series is notable for not avoiding casualties among the Cayman Command.


  • Bruno Brazil, the main protagonist. An experienced spy-warrior
  • Gaucho Morales, a skillful gangster. A member of the team due to his talents and contacts.
  • Whip Rafale, a previous circus artist, and expert with a whip.
  • Texas Bronco, a former rodeo cowboy, strong as an ox.
  • Billy Brazil, Bruno Brazil’s younger brother. Fresh out of military academy.
  • Lafayette called “Big Boy”, a cunning former jockey.
  • Tony Nomade called “Le Nomade”, a replacement after the disappearance of Big Boy.
  • Le Colonel L, commander of the elite unit.