Install Mac OS 10.15 on VMware

Install Mac OS 10.15 on VMware

Friday, August 2, 2019

12:05 AM


Info about how to install Mac OS 10.15 on Vmware to use as virtual machines and no need to have a Mac computer


Download macOS Mojave VMware Image

Patch Tool: Download

VM Tool: Download

Extract the macOS Mojave Virtual Image

Install Patch Tool

To do this, open the Patch Tool folder. From the files list, right click on “win-install.cmd”. Choose “Run as Administrator”.

Create a Virtual machine on VMware

Edit the Virtual Machine

Then click “Add”.

Editing the VMX File

Right click on the VMX file and choose “Open with”. Choose “More Apps”. From the list of apps that will be seen, choose “Notepad” and press Enter.

This will open the VMX file in Notepad. At the bottom; add the code:

smc.version = “0”. Save the changes by clicking on “Ctrl+S”.

Open VMware, go into Options tab and change Guest OS to Windows and Version to Windows 10 x64.

Now, turn on your macOS Catalina, it’s time to wait about 10 to 20 min. Once your installation has completed, Turn off your VMware.

Go into Options tab again, select the Guest OS and Version is “macOS 10.14”.

Install VMware Tool

Open VMware Workstation Player, click “Player”, then select “Removable devices” then “CD/DVD” then  click “Setting” and open the “VM Tool.iso” file. Check the “connected” button and click “OK”.