Create bootable USB drive for windows installation

Create bootable USB drive for windows installation

Monday, April 29, 2019

1:45 PM


How to make USB drive bootable to copy OS setup files on it and use it to install Windows on any machine.





–          Open CMD and type diskpart

–          In diskpart console, type the following commands

o   List disk

§  This is to know what is the number of your USB drive. In this example it is number 1. Notice that disk 0 is your main hard drive on your computer. Never touch it please.

o   Select disk 1

§  This is to start working on the USB drive

o   Clean

§  This is will wipe the USB drive. Note that it will erase everything on the drive.

o   Create partition primary

§  This is to create a partition on the USB drive using it all available space

o   Format quick fs=ntfs

§  This is to reformat the USB as ntfs to start using it.

o   Active

§  This is very important. It is to make the drive bootable

o   Assign

§  This is to give the USB drive a letter so that windows can recognize it.

§  You will notice that a windows explorer opens for you to copy any files on it.

–          Now, double click on the ISO file to mount it in windows. In this example I will use win10 iso file.

–          Select all files in the mounted drive and copy it to the USB drive.

–          Boot the USB drive on any computer to install windows 10 on it again. Make sure that you have the key to enter it when asked.