Export Tasks in Task Schedule


If PS script is not working for you to export and import tasks, then you will have to use ms-dos script


1. Create and copy schtasks_tool.bat to root local drive on server you want to export scheduled tasks from.

2. Change runas to your admin account and password.

3. From command prompt run c:\schtasks_tool.bat export

a. This will create a c:\tasks folder and a c:\tnlist.txt

4. Copy c:\schtasks_tool.bat, c:\tasks, and c:\tnlist.txt to root volume on the server you want to add the tasks to.

5. Login to new server, go to command prompt, and run c:\schtasks_tool.bat import

6. Disable tasks on new server (if needed)

Code – DOS Script:




rem @echo off


setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set runasUsername=domain\administrator

set runasPassword=password

if %1. == export. call :export

if %1. == import. call :import

exit /b 0


md tasks 2>nul

schtasks /query /fo csv | findstr /V /c:”TaskName” > tnlist.txt

for /F “delims=,” %%T in (tnlist.txt) do (

set tn=%%T

set fn=!tn:\=#!

echo !tn!

schtasks /query /xml /TN !tn! > tasks\!fn!.xml


rem Windows 2008 tasks which should not be imported.

del tasks\#Microsoft*.xml

exit /b 0


for %%f in (tasks\*.xml) do (

call :importfile “%%f”


exit /b 0


set filename=%1

rem replace out the # symbol and .xml to derived the task name

set taskname=%filename:#=%

set taskname=%taskname:tasks\=%

set taskname=%taskname:.xml=%

schtasks /create /ru %runasUsername% /rp %runasPassword% /tn %taskname% /xml %filename%