Migrate Access tables, data, database to SharePoint online

Migrate tables, data, database to SharePoint online
Friday, April 3, 2020
8:25 PM
This is to migrate any access data base to SharePoint sites to use it online as a web database.
You can keep using access as a front end app for the database after migration to SharePoint. However, DO NOT SAVE THE ACESS DB FILE ON OneDrive and open it from there. It will create multiple instance of the data and cause errors to the SharePoint data.
Always use the access file locally on the computer. Then upload it to OneDrive as backup after you finish working on it.

  • Make sure that SharePoint site related to the database is created and active.
    • Set all permissions and users whom going to access the SharePoint site.
    • Copy the link to the SharePoint site
      • Open office 365 admin
      • Open SharePoint
      • On the left, click on “Sites” and “Active Sites”
      • Click on the requested site, and click on its URL
      • 1
      • Copy the URL from the address bar
      • Microsoft Office Home
Microsoft 365 admin center - X SharePoint ad
C ( gsdcaustralia.sharepoint.com/sites/GSDCContacts
lorrent lorrents ELIV Inbox- m.nalouls.fi.„ Facebook
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      • You will use it in access to migrate the database
  • You create the database on access with all the tables correctly.
    • Open the access database file
    • Click on “File”, “Account”
    • Click on “Add Services”, “Storage”, “OneDrive for Business”
    • Sites - GSDC Australia
Sites - MinaTech for IT Services - Managed Service Providers MSP
Add a service •
Store your documents in the cloud and get to them from almost anywhere
OneDrive for Business
    • You will need to sign in to Office 365 admin using the tenant credentials
    • Microsoft
Add a service
mail address
@2020 Microsoft
privacy statement
    • It will add the SharePoint sites
    • Get back to the database file
    • Click on “Database Tools”, and “SharePoint”
    • GSDccontactsDB Database-
Database Tools Help Tell me what you want to do
Database Documenter
Analyze Performance
Analyze Table
    • Choose the SharePoint site that you want to migrate the database tables to
    • Click “Next” and leave Access upload the tables to SharePoint and create the lists automatically.
    • After it finishes, you will notice that all tables in access are linked tables now linked to the lists in SharePoint
    • Repair Database Basic Macro
All Access Obje...
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Personal Contact
    • You will need to modify the SharePoint lists to your requirements as the lists properties are different to access table properties.